About us

Barbaros Shipbuilding and Yachting Company has been established in 1995 under the name of "Barbaros Shipbuilding and Yachting Industry and Trade Co. Ltd". We established the company by means of using the advantage of the knowledge that had been gained from the past, with the intention of providing "the high technology applicability" which has been demanded by the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry. And the two partners, Ship Construction and Equipment engineers msc Numan and Inci Bakıryol run the company (2008). The company’s main working area was to develop computer aided design and manufacturing systems, to integrate these systems into the existing programmes and also to design all sorts of vessels with the help of these systems and programmes. More than 5000 LISP programmes have been written with the intention of using with AutoCAD, which facilitated the design studies. Lots of important vessel design analysis and calculation programmes, which are used by our personnel, have all been developed within the structure of our company. We also use other analysis and calculation programmes which have been provided by Class institutions, regarding the demands of the customers. (BV Mars, BV Steel, GL Posedion, RINA Leonardo etc...) We perform our design studies with the light of the knowledge as well as the experiences which have been gained through various projects, that have been completed and applied successfully within the last 18 years. Therefore; within the scope of our company we have a powerful theoretical substructure, wide manufacturing experiences and also designs, which have been applied successfully at various countries throughout the world. During the manufacturing phases of hundreds of projects, we have worked so closely with the shipyards. These experiences helped us to take into account the manufacturing simplicity of the designs. We preferred the advantage of minimizing manufacturing costs as well as manufacturing periods. What’s more; a special manufacturing technique that has been developed by our company, is currently being used at our shipyards.